Group lessons for adults

We provide personalized support for a group of 2 or 3 adults. Whether it is for a linguistic improvement or for assistance in courses like computer science (use of Word, Excel, etc.), accounting, or management, we extend our support to help you increase your efficiency at work or for your personal growth.

Would you like to take a course in a specific subject with your friends or colleagues? My Sherpa coaches provide high quality and flexible training courses tailored to your professional needs.

Courses in large groups can also be organized. Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your request. We will try to answer them at best.

In which township would you like to follow your courses?

For which subject?


In mathematics, solid foundations are essential which help students to acquire more complex notions.

Study methods

Our course on study methods help students to reorganize and synthesize their course material.


My Sherpa coaches help their students understand the complex theoretical concepts and apply them in practical exercises.


Grammar, spelling, reading, or analysis of texts, you will be entirely immersed in all aspects of the French language.


Discover the Dutch language or strengthen your skills by enhancing oral and written communication and comprehension.


Learn the difficult concepts of chemistry step by step. Carry out experiments and exercises progressively to master chemistry concepts.


Revisit conjugation, learn idiomatic expressions and practice orally to quickly become fluent in English language.


Review the fundamental concepts as well as the most complex theories in the field of economy. Prepare yourself well and succeed in exams.


Learn and master complex accounting concepts like accounting operations, invoices, VAT declarations, balance sheets, and achieve your personal or professional goals.