Private English Lessons for Children- Learn English with fun and effective methods

For many children, English already starts as a learning subject in the primary school. My Sherpa provides an opportunity for the young ones to enhance their English language skills through a playful methodology such as games, songs, videos, flashcards.

Our English courses allow elementary school children to discover the language in an interesting and a non-traditional manner. This can develop and improve child’s proficiency in speaking, writing, reading and listening. By providing English lessons in an enjoyable, non-stressful and supportive environment, our coaches aim to help their students develop crucial communication skills. Moreover, active teaching pedagogies such as skits, songs, board games or cooking recipes, encourage children to learn basic English vocabulary and grammar with and motivation and interest.

If your child is enrolled in an English school or a bilingual elementary school, our coaches can extend support through regular home visits for homework. Our coaches also provide effective and engaging one-to-one tuition that is specifically tailored based on your child’s needs.

My Sherpa also provide language classes for children who have not yet encountered/acquired English courses in their primary school. Learning English from an early age equips a child with a powerful communication skill, stimulates their curiosity and motivation for learning English and gives him an incredible asset for his future!

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