Private physics tuition for all higher education students

With so much material to cover, physics at university level can be a real challenge! Private lessons in this subject allow students to better understand the complex concepts. With the help of exercises and numericals, the application of concepts becomes a lot easier.

Physics is studied differently in each discipline. We select My Sherpa coach based on your specific subject under study. With personal help from a Physics tutor, you will feel prepared, confident and ready for your exams.

Whether it is applied, atomic, nuclear, mechanical, or architectural physics, precise help could be provided. While planning the courses, our coaches carefully take into account the available time period, length of course material and students’ needs and objectives to ensure smooth running of the course.

We can also arrange private lessons for highly targeted physics courses such as, polytechnic, solvay, medicine, etc., to help you prepare for graduate studies.

In which township would you like to follow your courses?