Discover, speak, practice and get a command on Dutch!

Private lessons at your home to help you discover the Dutch language or refresh your knowledge in a positive and a stress-free environment.

Learning Dutch is one of the obligations/compulsions in Belgium. You may need to learn the Dutch language to support your children in their schooling/school, to move to Flanders region, to apply for a new job or to prepare for a SELOR exam?

Whatever your goal may be, it is often challenging to initiate a language course. To make this process interesting and efficacious, My Sherpa offers you a simple, effective language program, adapted to your needs and constraints.  Whether it is to learn basic Dutch (grammar, vocabulary, oral expressions) or to pursue more specific objectives (commercial Dutch, translation of texts, etc.), our competent and enthusiastic coaches invite you for a fully immersive experience in Dutch language. This methodology allows you to progress more quickly and hence less time is required to achieve your desired standard of fluency in Dutch.

We organize lessons during the day or evening, in weekdays or weekends, at your home or at your place of work; we are flexible and we respect your availability.

In which township would you like to follow your courses?