Effective study skills: The definitive key to academic success

University students are often super-occupied with exams, assignments, group works, etc. They often struggle to manage their time, organise their course work and prepare themselves well for exams. A good study method is the definitive key to academic success!

Everyday, university students come across extensive course work which demands effective organization and time management. Routine class attendance and regular revision of course content are two main saviours to avoid academic failure. Also, adopting a good method of teamwork and collaboration is very important for any group work.

Whether it is law, medicine, or poly-technique, an appropriate methodology of work is an essential component. However, one must learn to adapt the study methods according to the disciplines under study. Our coaches therefore mainly help students to develop a suitable study method which they can modify based on their courses.

During exam times, our coaches guide students for preparation in a favourable study environment. The coaches also provide useful tips for optimal performance in exams.

My Sherpa also extends support for dissertation writing and the TFE preparation.


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