Our exam preparation

Even the best students can feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace of a quality study programme. Success in examinations heavily depends on hard work and consistent preparation. Some students need academic guidance and reassurance during their exam period to help them understand complex concepts so that they can succeed in their exams with ease and confidence.

Exam periods are a key time that stress arises for most students. Students are often under pressure to review lengthy course material in a short span of time. My Sherpa offers different course programmes to accompany students during this stressful period.

The 6th grade in primary school ends with CEB exams; a helping hand to prepare for the exams is always welcome. My Sherpa coaches will help you revise your study subjects like French, mathematics, science, etc. Our exam preparatory course is an excellent opportunity for students to plan their course material, strengthen concepts, and prepare well for exams. Based on your knowledge level in each subject, the coach will tailor the lesson plans to help you achieve your objectives.

At university or college, vacation period is the ideal time to review and prepare for exams. My Sherpa’s supervised courses aim to help students work effectively so that they are well-prepared for their exams.

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