Private Dutch lessons for secondary school students

Dutch is often considered as the most difficult subject in secondary school. Home tutoring not only allows a student to upgrade his knowledge and language skills but also instills motivation and curiosity to learn the Dutch language.

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Lack of opportunities to practice Dutch, low classroom concentration, or gaps in grammar comprehension, these all factors can lead to language learning difficulties and eventually a failure in Dutch exam. In this case, student’s motivation to learn Dutch drops drastically which then becomes an insurmountable obstacle.

Regular private lessons  throughout the year or intensive tutoring during holidays can help student who are struggling with Dutch in secondary school. The My Sherpa’s young and dynamic coaches put their students back on track with the help of interactive teaching methodologies combined with simple and easy explanations for the complex concepts and motivation to learn Dutch.

To improve your communication skills,  My Sherpa also organizes  special Dutch language courses for secondary school students.

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