Our coaches

My Sherpa coaches are an integral part of the team. They have been carefully chosen, tested and trained to accompany you on your journey to achieve success.


Face-to-face interview and selection

Each coach is required to undergo a selection process (test and interview) at our office.

This face-to-face selection process is compulsory and it evaluates coaches on three main criteria: theoretical knowledge, pedagogical skills, and their ability to motivate students.



Each coach is subjected to one or more knowledge tests based on their selected subjects.

These tests are intended to ensure that each coach has a complete mastery of the subjects he is going to teach.

These tests are carefully developed and to succeed in these tests, excellent understanding of the theoretical concepts is a prerequisite.



To become a coach at My Sherpa, a keen sense of pedagogy is essential.

During the interview,  our coaches are assessed based on various education-based scenarios. They are asked to explain methodologies they would employ to teach a particular concept or subject in a specific context.

The pedagogical advisor then thoroughly evaluates the candidate’s skills and assesses whether the candidate would be able to put himself at the student’s level and to help him progress.



Finally, the My Sherpa coach must be motivated to help his students achieve success.

He must be able to adapt to students’ profile, encourage them to do their best, and set goals for them so that they can achieve their objectives.

During the selection process, the candidate coach is also evaluated in his ability to motivate students and encourage them for their studies. Motivation is indeed a key factor for success.



Training on the My Sherpa’s method



Each selected coach follows a training programme on the My Sherpa’s methods.

As part of the training programme, each coach goes through the overall teaching and learning approach of My Sherpa. The coaches are presented with plenty of useful educational tools to help them plan and execute their lessons effectively. During this training, coaches acquire various methods to fill in students’ gaps. Also, they learns how to develop a suitable study method for their students. Moreover, during the process, coaches explore different models to enhance their students’ motivation. Finally, with a spirit of continuous teaching and learning, various educational resources are made available. Thus, coaches can easily adapt their lessons to certain learning disorders (ADHD, HP, dyslexia, …). In the case, where courses are offered to professionals, the coach is referred to various teaching and learning resources so that learning could be maximized at learner’s end.


Throughout their career with My Sherpa, coaches are closely followed by their pedagogical advisors.

The pedagogical advisors help coaches to evolve and enhance their teaching practice. At each step, regular feedback is requested from the coach as well as the student to ensure that the courses run smoothly. The pedagogical advisor can therefore bring constructively develop the coach.