Learn to have fun while studying/Learn to study while having fun- For primary students

In primary school, developing a gentle way of working is important. Children are more calm and responsive to new subjects. They know how to remember their multiplication tables. They study step by step and without stress their conjugation. In primary school, developing a sound study method is crucially important for children. Children are found to be more responsive towards the new learning material if they are stress-free/relaxed and calm.If their mind are relaxed, they easily grasp the concepts of numeracy and literacy.

Everyday students are engaged in various curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the day at school. After spending a super occupied day, children are often exhausted when they return home and their interest and motivation level drops drastically to study again for homework. Therefore, it is essential for children to adopt a study method that could allow them to have fun and restore their energy while studying.

My Sherpa coaches teach courses with an interesting and interactive methodologies. While planning their courses, they also take into consideration their students’ capacities, strengths, and their areas of difficulties. Accordingly, they offer personalised study methods for all levels, tailored to the students’ needs.Through private lessons, students adopt a suitable study method and learn to independently manage their homework schedule considering the available time and course material.

Our coaches also assist students with the daily school work. In addition, we also offer courses for CEB preparation in the 6th year of primary school and preparation for the secondary level to ensure that every child experiences a smooth transition from primary to secondary level.

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