Private French lessons for young learners

Learning French can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding the basics of the language. My Sherpa offers an opportunity for the young ones to improve their French through a playful methodology such as games, songs, videos, flashcards, etc.

Grammar, vocabulary, syntax, conjugation (indicative, subjunctive …), are so many concepts to juggle with! When and how to use a qualifying adjective? Is it feminine or masculine? Our qualified coaches will help you to find clear and precise answers to you queries.

Our coache analyses the student’s knowledge of French and areas of difficulty. Afterwards, the coach designs a programme of private lessons tailored to improve student’s command of the French language. During lessons, the coach uses a variety of interactive methodologies together with practical exercises, test, reading material, etc.

Whether it is a CEB preparation or a remedial course during the summer holidays, our coaches design the best possible program to help you succeed.




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