How does it work?

Private lessons at home, a definitive method to help you succeed.

  1. Analysis of the situation and objectives


The pedagogical adviser of My Sherpa contacts the student in order to analyze his needs and objectives. What is the current situation of the student? What are the goals to be achieved? This analysis can take place either on telephone or during an evaluation process at our office.

  2. Development of the coaching program


Your pedagogical advisor offers you a program fully tailored to your needs, target objectives and constraints. Private lessons can be given from Monday to Sunday.

  3. Selection of the coach


Your pedagogical adviser selects the coach adapted to your needs and your schedules. My Sherpa coaches were selected based on their face-to-face interviews. They are closely supervised and evaluated by My Sherpa.


  4. Follow-up with the coach


Throughout the course program, your pedagogical advisor follows up and remains available. He or she makes regular contact with the student and the coach to ensure that your goals are achieved in the best possible manner.


My Sherpa, comment ça marche ?

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