Remedial course for secondary school students during the holidays

Remedial course during holidays- Get back on track  In addition to weekly private lessons, remedial classes allow students to effectively catch up with their studies.  Vacation period is an ideal time for students to fill their gaps through a more intensive private tutoring program.

 In primary school, students may already have difficulties in some subjects such as mathematics or French. Regular and intensive lessons can help students overcome them.

In secondary school, the course work is comparatively more heavy and intense which demands persistent efforts and commitment. Remedial courses during the holidays promote students’ understanding, contributing towards success.

In particular, we offer remedial courses in mathematics, physics, and chemistry to review theoretical concepts and apply them in the complementary exercises. Our coaches can also provide a rigorous support in language acquisition ​​(Dutch, English, etc.) to review grammar and conjugation but also to improve the oral and listening comprehension.

Intensive courses can also be organised in particular weeks to reorganize course work, develop summaries of learned material, or make study schedule foe the week.


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