Physics -Now within your reach!

In a science class, physics is one of the subjects least understood by students. In the field of science, biology is theoretical and chemistry is experimental; however, physics is closely associated with mathematics and numerous laws and formulas make it difficult for students to comprehend the concepts.

Private physics tutoring help students gain better understanding of this subject by making it easy and interesting. Our courses also motivate students who are either weak in this subject or do not like its concepts and theories.

Various physics concepts like Newton’s laws of motion or law of gravity are complex, yet fascinating. Concepts like electricity, optics, and acoustics are integral parts of our daily lives and are definitely not incomprehensible!

During private lessons, My Sherpa coaches carefully analyze students’ areas of difficulties, needs and learning styles. Afterwards, the coach plans the lessons tailored to students’ needs and objectives. During lessons, they explain all the concepts in depth with interesting and interactive pedagogies. Moreover, they  provide their students with additional exercises to help them apply their knowledge in practice.

My Sherpa also offers preparatory courses at the end of the secondary school for Polytech, Solvay or medical studies to help students strengthen their physics concepts and succeed in their entry tests.

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