Private language courses for higher education students

Are you a student at the university and your prior knowledge is not enough for you to easily follow the university course of Dutch or English? My Sherpa coaches help you to get back your grip on the language and strengthen your skills.

My Sherpa coach helps you to consolidate your prior knowledge, enhance comprehension skills, and improve written or oral expression to help you succeed in courses, exams, or future projects! The coach proposes various interactive learning methodologies tailored to your needs and objectives so that you can study with confidence and make the most out of your courses.

Do you need to improve your knowledge of French or Dutch to be able to follow a course effectively? Are you often stuck when you begin to write synthesis and summaries? My Sherpa coaches help you better formulate your ideas and produce flawless texts. They provide you concrete tips to improvise your analytical skills  and improve your writing style.


In which township would you like to follow your courses?