MS Office Course for Adults

In today’s world, almost all office jobs require the use of a computer in some function or another. Being able to create a document using a word processor, develop a digital spreadsheet, and present information using presentation software are becoming basic requirements in office environments. Acquiring these skills often appear to be challenging for some of us; therefore, My Sherpa brings you private lessons to master basic computer skills.

Is it difficult for you to edit a text on MS Word, understand terms on MS Excel or use different formulas (sum, average) for calculation? Do you have hard time/trouble developing a graph, sending a direct mail, writing a summary, or creating a table of contents? Don’t worry! My Sherpa will help you develop those skills in a motivational and stress-free environment.

Learn how to proficiently use MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint through a personalized course with a specialized coach. The coach will provide you with clear, concise and easy explanations accompanied with various exercises for deeper understanding and practice. In a short time, your knowledge about basic computation will begin to increase incredibly! Also, if you wish to go beyond the initiation stage and explore these software packages in detail, our teachers strive to help you discover all the finesse.

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