Group classes

Do you need assistance with homework or to enhance your concepts in a particular subject? My Sherpa coaches extend their support in small groups at the primary, secondary, higher, or adult level.

 Regardless of students’ level and the subject to learn, our coaches bring their knowledge and experiences to help students progress in the particular subject.

Small group tutoring is an ideal and inexpensive way to keep track of homework, understand complex concepts or practice exercises. Join one or two classmates and get help from a My Sherpa coach. The coach assesses needs and strengths of each student in order to help all students progress in the group. Moreover, the tutor gives explanations to the whole group while paying special attention to each student.

Courses in large groups can also be organized. Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your request. We will try to answer them at best.

In which township would you like to follow your courses?