The fastest and most effective way to learn English

The ability to communicate in English is a huge asset these days. Private lessons can help you reach your goal regardless of your existing level; beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

There are numerous motivations to learn English; discover an international language, prepare for your travel abroad, or prepare for a job interview, etc. For all these reasons, it is sometimes challenging to embark on learning a new language and therefore it is important to find the right learning formula to address your needs. My Sherpa offers private and intensive language courses, adapted to your needs.

We organise lessons during the day or evening, in weekdays or weekends, at your home or at your place of work; we are flexible and we respect your availability.  We provide you with a series of need-based interactive sessions to immerse you the language.

Passionate, dynamic and competent teachers are available at My Sherpa to help beginners discover English language with fun and ease. Additionally, we also provide courses at intermediate level for those who wish to reactivate their passive knowledge and communicate in English fluently.  Besides, we also extend our support to advanced English speakers who need to enhance their knowledge in technical or commercial English.


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