Our private English lessons – You can now learn English with fun!

One-to-one English tutoring offers an individualized support to help you meet the level of the language required in primary, secondary and university courses. Our course programmes are very much in line with the learners’ objectives which allows smooth and rapid progression in the language acquisition.

Many schools offer English classes, immersion courses or even bilingual sessions from the first year of primary school. Our private courses in English help students to identify the possible areas of difficulty and take necessary measures to remedy them. In addition, our lessons motivate children to learn English through fun and interactive methodologies.

Learning English is one of the core components of secondary education. Academic assistance is sometimes necessary to develop strong oral and written communication skills.

English is “THE” most essential language in school, university or worldwide. Whether it is text- translation, IELTS or TOEFL preparation, or tough subjects like business English or legal English, the My Sherpa coaches can help students fill gaps and improve their skills.

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