Private statistics lessons for higher education students

Are you looking for a private statistics tutor to help you pass an exam, prepare a dissertation, or just to develop conceptual understanding? Irrespective of the academic year, My Sherpa coaches help you grasp complex concepts with interactive methodologies.

At university, graduate or post-graduate level, statistics can be a real challenge! Topics like median, variance, normal distribution, hypothesis testing, or correlation can often be overwhelming for students.

Whether in psychology, medicine, or in commercial engineering, My Sherpa offers you a regular and intensive follow-up course to assist you in developing deeper understanding of complex concepts.

To prevent academic failure, a qualified My Sherpa coach can intervene to improvise students’ understanding in various difficult concepts of statistics. Whether it is with simple concepts like data collection, data processing and data interpretation, or more complex formulas and tests, our coaches strive to help you master those concepts.

Our coaches employ various dynamic pedagogies in their lessons for example, case studies, practice tutorials, and situation based learning, to help you better grasp concepts and progress in the subject.


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