Excel at maths with our private tuitions

Love it or hate it, you can’t escape from Mathematics! From the primary level to the higher education, mathematics has always remained an integral part of any school curriculum. Whether it is to succeed in exams, get back to school, prepare for university studies, or write a thesis, we all need help to accomplish our goals.

Engineering, architecture, physics, or even a political science, regardless of the profession, basic mathematical principles are used everywhere. In any field, it is expected from an individual to know basic maths.

At university, different branches of mathematics can be studied, for example, financial maths, statistics, or the resistance of materials. University students often find these courses difficult and challenging. Thus, an individualized programme can therefore be an ideal solution to help students climb the stairway to success by creating positive and stress-free learning experiences.

My Sherpa coaches provide you with their knowledge and experiences of higher education. They strive to help you understand the content and offer you additional exercises for exam preparation to ensure your optimal performance in exams.

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