Language courses at home or at your workplace

Learning a language is a journey which begins in primary and continues throughout one’s life. Learning a new language is indeed a professional asset.

Our specialized language course offers a personalized follow-up and therefore allows an individual to make rapid progression in the language acquisition.

My Sherpa organizes private language lessons in French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Our qualified coaches bring their knowledge and experiences to enhance their students’ language skills. They adapt their lessons and methodologies according to the gaps and the needs of the students, whether the student is a complete beginner or a proficient language user.

Taking assistance from our coach can be beneficial if your child is studying in a Dutch or English-medium school.

In secondary school or higher education, oral communication can be a source of stress. Our coaches ensure that your child’s Oral and written language skills are developed sequentially throughout the course

Some people pursue language courses for professional reasons like communicating with clients, developing office reports, or adjusting well with colleagues.


In which township would you like to follow your courses?