French language courses for adults

Learning to express oneself orally or in writing (in French) could be a real challenge when French is not your mother tongue. My Sherpa offers personalized training programs aim at helping learners develop their French language skills in a personal or professional setting.

Are you a francophone and you wish you to strengthen your French knowledge for a professional upliftment? Or are you an immigrant in a francophone country and you have a desire to learn French from the beginning?

Learning French as a foreign language (FLE), strengthening French as a first language/strengthening your existing French knowledge, or developing communications skills and vocabulary for business, whatever the purpose may be, each course program at My Sherpa is set up according to the objectives of the learner.  Thanks to our French tutors’ experience and knowledge, all core components of French language will be at your fingertips.

You can rely on our professional educational advisors to help you carry out your language projects.


In which township would you like to follow your courses?