Private French lessons at home for secondary students

In secondary school,  despite being a native French speaker, it is quite challenging to have enough command of French language.

On the contrary, learning French becomes more complex in secondary level. Academic support from a qualified teacher could be an ideal option for your child to help him review the theoretical concepts and practice them through various exercises.

In secondary level, students begin to write different kinds of texts for example,essay, arguments, dissertations, etc. To produce a great piece of written text, organization of ideas are as important as the structure of the text. Logical connection among lines or paragraphs, right choice of words or connecting words, and appropriate subject-verb agreement are some of the key elements of writing a good text.

If you feel a need to boost up your writing skills, we will organize for you a personalized follow-up session. This session will help you improve your academic writing skills and will ensure your an optimal performance in the exams, especially in the CE1D or the CESS.

Our coaches will strive to provide an extra help if there is more the literature in the 3rd cycle of school year. With our private lessons, the analysis of written texts will not scare you!

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