Private lessons for secondary school students

Private lessons allow students during high school years to fill gaps in students’ language learning in various subjects we try to set up to reach the objectives together.

Private tuitions can be a great way to support your child if they are struggling with a certain subject or need personalized one-to-one support to improve their study skills in general or technical skills, in particular. Whether it is mathematics, French, Dutch, physics, or chemistry, My Sherpa provides an individualized program to help your child enhance his or her academic performance.

In secondary school, from grade 1 to 6, students walk through different learning materials in all subjects. Some courses are relatively easy while others present more of a challenging learning tasks! Besides, all teachers employ different teaching methodologies which may appear as a challenge for students to adapt themselves to different teaching approaches.

My Sherpa coach strives to provide specialized assistance to help your child build love for learning and achieve his or her academic goals. The coach equips your child with fundamental learning tools to maximize his learning capacity, knowledge and skills.

With the help of our coach’s advice on study methods, your child will always be confident and well-prepared for any test, whether it is term assessments, final exams, the CE1D, or the CESS.

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