Have an assessment or exam? Don’t be afraid !

Assessments at the end of the year or at the end of each semester can be a great source of stress for a primary school students. To avoid any disappointment or failure, My Sherpa coach can assist your child to review the learning material and help him succeed in his or her exams.

Surprise tests, oral exams, and assessments are becoming an integral part of the primary education. These assessments may appear as real-life challenges for some children, especially when it comes to CEB exams, at the end of primary level. Thorough preparation in advance is the only key to success. It is indeed the best way to avoid issues resulting from stress or the fear of failure.

Preparing for exams on their own or with parents is not always easy; therefore, it is wise to have a boost from the My Sherpa coach.  The coach offers a helping hand by reviewing course material, providing various opportunities to ask questions and explaining the difficult concepts with interactive and interesting pedagogies.

In which township would you like to follow your courses?

For which subject?


In mathematics, solid foundations are essential which help students to acquire more complex notions.

Study methods

Our course on study methods help students to reorganize and synthesize their course material.


My Sherpa coaches help their students understand the complex theoretical concepts and apply them in practical exercises.


Grammar, spelling, reading, or analysis of texts, you will be entirely immersed in all aspects of the French language.


Discover the Dutch language or strengthen your skills by enhancing oral and written communication and comprehension.


Learn the difficult concepts of chemistry step by step. Carry out experiments and exercises progressively to master chemistry concepts.


Revisit conjugation, learn idiomatic expressions and practice orally to quickly become fluent in English language.


Review the fundamental concepts as well as the most complex theories in the field of economy. Prepare yourself well and succeed in exams.


To understand complex concepts, revise the material learned during the course, or to acquire a methodology specific to the study biology.



Learn and master complex accounting concepts like accounting operations, invoices, VAT declarations, balance sheets, and achieve your personal or professional goals.


Collection, analysis, and interpretation of statistical data will be now at your fingertips.

IT (Word, excel,...)

Master the basic computer tools (Word, Excel, internet, mail, ...).



Learn Goethe's language and its subtleties from vocabulary to conjugation, syntax, grammar, and much more.

IT (Programmation)

Master the programming language of your choice with the help of a dedicated and qualified coach.


Good learning methodology coupled with appropriate memorization strategy will help you organize and synthesize your course.

EN_Blocus encadré


Turn a boring subject like history into an interesting one with the help of My Sherpa coach. Engage yourself with past events by making summaries and linking them to current affairs.


Learn or review the basics of the Spanish and instantly immerse yourself in this foreign language.

Scholar Orientation

School evaluation



Whether it is human, plant or animal anatomy, My Sherpa coach provides you with clear explanations to help you master the anatomy content.


My Sherpa coaches facilitate their students' learning by helping them develop their analytical, critical, and argumentation skills.

Ancient Greek

Discover different aspects of grammar and methodology or further deepen your knowledge of this ancient language.


Discover the vocabulary, grammar, and conjugation to master the Italian language.


My Sherpa coaches help you familiarize with the study of maps, lands, and inhabitants so that you can analyze these documents with ease and confidence.

Homework Help

Get regular and consistent support from the My Sherpa coach to help your child complete home work and study lessons in a stress-free environment.


Learn Portuguese language with interactive and interesting methodologies which are especially designed to help you learn this language step by step and immerse in the Romanesque culture.


Learn the Cyrillic alphabets, master the complexity of grammar and begin to communicate in this beautiful and rich language.

Chinese (mandarin)

Learn new alphabets or new phonemes and discover this complex language in a easy and interesting way. 



Applied science, biology, physics, or chemistry, review theoretical concepts and practice exercises with your coach.