Private Dutch lessons for young learners; Leren is leuk!

For many children, Dutch starts as a learning subject in the second or third grade of primary school. Dutch is one of the core subjects that will remain important throughout the child’s school period and also later in his or her life. Private lessons can help pupils to gain a solid understanding of the Dutch language and develop the communication skills that will help them throughout their lives.

When a child enters a primary school, he or she experiences new learning material every day. Among all, learning a foreign language i.e., Dutch could be a challenging task for children. Some children are self-motivated to pick up a language without conscious learning, whilst others need a guiding hand. Our private lessons equip children with skills they need beyond school, offering them a powerful way to communicate in Dutch whilst stimulating their curiosity and creativity.

Young children find it more difficult to pick up a language if they are not provided with right type of experience which are aligned to their levels and interests. Therefore, My Sherpa strongly advocates for a playful and dynamic approach to learn a language such as role plays, songs, art work, audio visual aids, etc. By providing Dutch lessons in an enjoyable, non-stressful and supportive environment, our home tutors aim to help their pupils develop crucial communication skills which guarantees an optimal school performance.

My Sherpa coaches ensure a regular follow-up, which enable students to improve their understanding of all aspects of Dutch: phrase structure (inversion, subordinate clauses with the verb in final position, etc.), conjugation, spelling (words with open and closed syllables), pronominal adverbs, and many other things.

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