Chemistry, what could be more natural?

Chemistry is an experimental science that can be very exciting! It can open you up to a world of experiments, reactions and elements. But it can be a tough subject to master if one fails to develop conceptual understanding. To master chemistry concepts, nothing can be a better option than a private qualified and experienced teacher.

Chemical reactions, balancing equations, chemical formulas, etc., can be a nightmare for secondary school students.

Are you lost in the chemistry concepts? Do you have problems balancing chemical equations?  My Sherpa coaches can help you feel more confident about learning the material and assist you in rediscovering the chemistry in an exciting and comprehensible way!

In order to support you master your chemistry concepts, My Sherpa organizes for you a learning program adapted to your needs, learning style, and personality! This approach ensures that we help you succeed by tailoring our lesson plans to your strengths so that you can be well-prepared for your next assessments.

Do you want to become a doctor or an engineer? Entry test Preparations for Poly-tech, Solvay or medical studies at My Sherpa can definitely help you strengthen your concepts in science, particularly in chemistry.


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