Private mathematics tuition for secondary level

Do you feel lost in your mathematics class, both in theory and in practice? Private lessons will relieve your stress by offering you an individualized support, adapted to your specific needs and objectives.

By the time children reach secondary school, mathematics becomes a bit more challenging. Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, integrals, derivatives, etc., can be your worst nightmares. My Sherpa coach can help you to transform your fear into success. Our coach will help you to discover simple and wonderful ways of improving your knowledge of mathematics, hence you can regain your confidence and grip on mathematics.

Mathematics is closely related to other subjects such as physics. Therefore, having a good foundation in maths is essential as it can support children’s’ learning in other subjects as well. A qualified teacher can truly be an asset particularly when students begin to lose interest in the subject and need a boost to get back on track.

Private lessons can also be a great help in preparing students to pass their exams successfully.

For those who intend to study civil engineering in future, we offer a preparatory course for the poly-tech entrance examination to guide you prepare for the test, develop a better understanding of the test format and help you get best scores.

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