Private courses at your home

Private lessons allow an individual to have a personalized and tailor-made support to accomplish his or her learning goals. Whether it is understanding mathematical concepts, developing study methods, or getting a command of a language,  My Sherpa has proven its worth in last few years.

In primary school, children learn to read, write and count. In addition, students also begin to learn a second language. The process of language acquisition does not occur at the same pace for everyone. Students sometimes need an academic boost to maintain their level or to reinforce some concepts.

During the academic year in primary school, students must acquire appropriate study methods as various assignments and homework start to appear in their academic journey. Regular homework help from My Sherpa offers children a more balanced schedule which helps them to devote their time to studies, leisure, and family.

The primary school ends with the CEB. Thus, one should prepare himself well for the exams with a suitable study method. My Sherpa also offer a CEB preparation course to help your child succeed in exams.

In secondary school, students often encounter various teachers for various subjects. Number of assignments, homework and exams multiply as the academic year progresses. Developing a suitable study method adapted to the student’s needs and learning style is essential. My Sherpa  private coaches can help you smoothly go through this tough period.

Additionally, difficult concepts, complex theories, and exams like the CE1D, are often overwhelming for students. In order to deal with it,  some students need extra help to assist them with to complex theories and concepts.

At the end of secondary school, there comes a time of assessment when students have to make certain choices. Which field of study to choose? Will we continue our studies? Is there an entrance exam? How to best prepare ourselves for it? At this crucial stage, My Sherpa pedagogical counselors and coaches can provide you with personalized support through private tutoring at home.

At university or higher education, students deal with specific subjects. Whether it is financial mathematics, criminal law, history, arts, or any language, our qualified and experienced can help you to master these complex matters.

And as learning never stops, adults are not left behind at My Sherpa! Our dedicated coaches will support you through a series of  private lessons which are adapted to your needs and learning objectives. For language courses, computer, or accounting, our team of educational consultants and coaches are ready to help you succeed in your educational or professional goals.

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