Courses on study methods to help you succeed in your studies!

In English or mathematics, at school or university, an effective working methodology is essential for success. Our coaches offer study methods adapted to your level and situation.

In primary school, children are engaged in various curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the day. After spending a tiring day at school, it is often challenging for young ones to organise their course work and home work. Therefore, it is essential for children to adopt a study method that could allow them to have fun and restore their energy while studying.

On reaching secondary one, students’ benchmarks entirely change. They must find new and appropriate study methods to manage lengthy course works, assessment deadlines, daily diaries and exams.

Finally, at university, students must learn to develop methodologies for both, group work and individual assignment. In addition, they must adapt suitable study methods to facilitate their process throughout the academic year and specially during exams period.

My Sherpa coaches will provide you with personalized advice regarding study methods adapted to your level and circumstances.

Our main goal is to help you learn and achieve success.

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