Learn Dutch with easy and interactive methods!

Do you want to improve your language skills? Our private lessons provide you with individualized support, whether you wish to start from the basics or you need remedial classes to further strengthen your skills. We offer you a study programme that is entirely based on your personal goals and expectations, thus, allowing you to progress with ease and confidence.

For the children of primary school, My Sherpa coaches employ interesting and interactive pedagogies to teach Dutch. These methodologies help children to develop strong bases in language which stay with them for the rest of their academic journey. If any student wishes to catch-up with their Dutch knowledge or to enhance their linguistic skills, My Sherpa offer courses adapted to their needs and objectives.

In secondary school, students must multiply their efforts in order to progress in their language courses. At this level, students are expected to have a strong grip on grammar, syntax, writing texts, and oral communication. Our coaches strive beyond excellence to help students learn the language and succeed in their Dutch course.

At university or high school, Dutch is essential for those who have either Dutch medium courses or Dutch as a language course. Our coaches can help students understand complex concepts and facilitate them for oral conversation.

If you are an adult and you want to learn Dutch from the beginning or strengthen your foundation to achieve your professional goals, our coaches can provide you with a course programme tailored to your level and learning needs.



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