Private Dutch lessons for higher education students

A lack of interest in the Dutch language? Never had an opportunity to practice Dutch? Are a lot of knowledge gaps accumulated since the secondary school? All of these situations can pose real challenges at university level. Private lessons with a My Sherpa coach can help you turn the tide!

At university level, the pace of teaching and learning accelerates with time which also increases teachers’ expectations from students. Students have fewer opportunities to digest the learning material and do revisions. They must quickly adapt to the twists and turns of Dutch language at the university level.

Regular private lessons throughout the year or an intensive course for exam preparation can sometimes save a year! Some students opt for the Erasmus Belgica or an academic stay in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which is quite expensive and requires some preparations before departure.

Thanks to the private in-home Dutch lessons, now you can improve your grammar, vocabulary, or conjugation while sitting at home! Besides, you can witness your language progress over the period of time and can quickly transit from general to more specific areas of learning. In addition, the My Sherpa coach will strive to provide you with useful tips for study method that will help you to improve your knowledge of Dutch and excel in other subjects as well.


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