Upgrade your English with My Sherpa!

As children progress in their academic year, learning English as a language as well as subject becomes a complex process and students may need a helping hand in mastering the language skills such as grammar, comprehension of texts, oral and written expressions.

English is one of the most important subjects that a student learns at school. Students begin to learn English from the first or the third year of the secondary school. Every year, there is gradual increase in the quantity and complexity of course work. Students often get confuse with the new learning material which somehow affects their process of language acquisition. Private lessons at home can give a regular and timely  boost for language practice and help them to overcome comprehension problems.

My Sherpa coaches ensure a regular follow-up, which enable students to improve their command of English, whether it’s to improve their grammar, conjugation, or spelling skills. Our entire program will help students to recover their knowledge gaps, regain confidence in their communication skills and learn English with pleasure and curiosity.

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