Private French to  help you get command of the language

Are you looking for French courses? My Sherpa offers personalized tutoring based on student’s needs and learning objectives. Our qualified coaches strive to help learners gain knowledge and language skills so that they can achieve their goals.

From grade 1 to grade 6, students gradually develop reading and writing skills. At this stage, our coaches can accompany learners in their learning process, taking into account the possible learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, ADHD, etc.

Secondary school or university students are often expected to deepen their knowledge of the French language in terms of grammar, syntax and writing (argumentation, essay, etc.). In parallel, they learn other languages, such as English or Dutch. Our course programs will help them to manage their process of learning different languages and regularly refine them throughout the year.

Students at the university or high school, irrespective of their study discipline, must make French their strong asset to get into the job market. They can count on the support of our teachers, both in the form of teaching methods and learning material, if necessary.

Adults, francophone or immigrants, we support everyone in learning French. Whether it is for personal reason or professional, our courses will help you discover French as a foreign language (FLE) or enhance your knowledge and skills in this language.

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