Our group lessons for higher education students

Personalised support for a group of of two or three university students to help them master the subject.

Is it difficult for you and one or more of your classmates to understand some courses at the university? Small group lesson is the perfect solution for you !

Students easily get anxious when they study lengthy course materials on their own. However, studying the same courses material in a group often brings collaboration and additional support. Small group classes are the ideal way to keep track of students through student-centered approach with a focus on individual needs. First, My Sherpa coach analyzes the prior knowledge and skills of each student. Later, he develops a study programme which suits the strengths and needs of each student in the group.

Group lessons help pupils progress in their courses, develop a suitable study method and also prepare for exams. The coach strategically gives explanations to the whole group, but, simultaneously gives particular attention to each student.


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