An assessment to help the little ones

The primary school already has some challenges, which may appear to be more tough for some children. If your child feels lost and you need assistance to analyse what is really wrong, we can help you with an assessment.

Even though your child is in primary school, analyzing his needs and difficulties is not a piece of cake!

The primary years setup the foundation in all subjects and the acquisition of knowledge at this stage is essential for the continuation of their studies.

Hence, it is critical to identify the moment when the child is losing his or her grasp on studies, so that necessary steps could be taken to analyse the problem and remedy it.

The procedure of assessment conducted by an educational adviser of My Sherpa, is quite interesting and supportive. During assessment, the advisor directly speaks with the child in one-to-one session and examines his courses, as well as his method of work. Finally, the advisor either gives suggestions to the parents based on what has been observed or he offers them to take the support of the coach, if necessary.

What? An individual session of 1hour 30 mins.

Where? At our office: Rue de Stalle 65, 1180 Uccle.

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