Remedial course for young ones: Be confident at the start of the school year

Primary school students are often challenged with questions and homework. Some of them may be a little behind and school holidays are the best time for remedial classes.

School holidays give students time to relax and a stress-free break. During school vacations, students are more relaxed as they are not stressed by their homework and they have ample time to have fun. Therefore, school holidays are the ideal opportunity to get back on track and prepare for the start of the school year.

During summer, winter, Halloween, Carnival or the Easter vacations, the coach will assess the student’s level, identify gaps and check topics to be reviewed. Later, the coach prepares a program tailored to the needs of your child, which fills in knowledge gaps and ensures that the child reaches the level required to pass the year.

Whether it is to catch-up in spelling, writing, arithmetic or Dutch, our coach will adapt lessons according to the needs of his student.

In addition to remedial classes, we also offer assistance with homework, CEB preparation and secondary school preparation to help students from the beginning till the end of their primary school.

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