Preparation for entrance exams, graduate studies and other external tests

Transition from secondary to higher education can often be an overwhelming process. Students usually feel that they are not sufficiently prepared for exams which may result in poor performance in the entry tests. Through specific home-based tutoring, My Sherpa prepares their future graduate students to step into their new journey with ease and confidence.

The coach reviews the prerequisites for the university courses and facilitate students to fulfill them. In addition, the coach also help students to study the learning material that would be taught to them in few initial weeks at university. My Sherpa offers this support across all disciplines.

My Sherpa offers specific preparation courses to pass the entrance exam in Ecole Polytechnique (Civil Engineer). Students can choose to have a personalized course with our qualified and experienced coaches, to review algebra, geometry, or trigonometry. Preparation for the polytechnic entrance examination can also be done within the groups in the month June or August at our office in Brussels.

Discover our private tutoring programs throughout Belgium to prepare for the entrance examinations in the field of medicine or dentistry. To help you succeed in the medical entrance test,  our qualified coaches give private lessons to carefully examine the students’ knowledge of the basic subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology) and help them upgrade in these subjects. We also conduct preparatory courses for medicine or dentistry within groups at our office in Brussels.

My Sherpa also extends support for students planning to pursue economics and finance in their higher studies. Private lessons at home or group classes at My Sherpa prepare you optimally for the entrance examinations at universities like Solvay, ESL, HEC, Ichec, etc.

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