Choose your career path at a young age

“What do I want to do after school?” or “which option should I choose?” are the questions faced by many students as they progress from secondary school to college and beyond. Our career counsellor analyses your skills and preferences, helps you resolve your uncertainties, and guides you to make an informed decision about your career.

For example, a student might want to get into architecture thinking he’s good at math and at the same time he is curious to learn Spanish. So, which career option he should pick? Or when the class council directs students towards teaching in transition technique when they prefer staying in general? Similarly, a student might experience a whole series of choices at a very early age in secondary school.

At the end of secondary school, you will have plenty of possibilities – and just as many question marks. Should I start an internship or enroll in college or university? Full-time or part-time studies? Morning classes or evening classes? Or should I take a gap year and travel abroad? Throughout this process, there is this looming question: What suits me? We can find out the answer together!

Different factors can have a strong influence on your decision-making process.During a counselling session of 1h30 (90 minutes) at our office in Brussels, My Sherpa consultant uses a variety of tools to identify your characteristics, your motivation to perform, your patterns of communication, your behaviour,  your nature of learning and your temperament.

In which township would you like to follow your courses?