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Was your child’s last year difficult? Is he going to pass his exams soon and you would like help him so that he regains his confidence? My Sherpa coach can assist you with an adapted tutoring program.

During school period, students gradually accumulate gaps in their knowledge and skills. It takes consistent hard work and ceaseless motivation to overcome these shortcomings. Our dynamic and qualified coaches help students review their learning material, regain confidence and practice exercises so that they are well-prepared for their examinations.
None of the students like giving exams, but they are necessary! Exams also serve the purpose of revision and review before commencing a new school year. Teachers often expect their students to perform well in the final exams. Passing exams with flying colors ensures that students have grasped the concepts well and they are ready to move to the next year!
To achieve this, the My Sherpa coach sets the stage by helping students acquire appropriate study method and apply theory into practice with new exercises.

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