Homework Help : A helping hand in all subjects

My Sherpa coaches help children to do their homework and to get ready for their upcoming lessons. They fill in the gaps in students’ day-to-day understanding of their schoolwork and teach them how to study on their own. Regular and appropriate help will assist your child feel more relaxed and confident during the year.

When entering primary school, the student must adapt to a new environment and a new learning system. As the quantity and complexity of homework increases with the passage of time, children often get frustrated and find it difficult to do their homework on their own.

In this case, homework help seems to be the best solution. Our coach reviews subjects with the child to identify weak learning areas and propose a program of lessons that is fully tailored to the needs of your child. The coach also makes sure the completion of daily homework on time. In addition, our coaches also associate personal instruction with independent learning to ensure that your child not only understands the homework concepts, but also learns how to apply those skills in daily life.

My Sherpa coach can also help the child to develop study method for learning and homework timetables so that your child learns how to better organize himself and to plan his work independently.

In addition, we offer CEB preparation or secondary school preparation to guarantee students a smooth and stress-free transition from primary to secondary school.

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