Tips and advices to reflect on your academic and professional career

Young people experience various career choices during their secondary and higher education. How to make right choices for career? An educational advisor can help you visualize things clearly so that you can make decisions with confidence.

“Keep all doors open” is one of the main concerns of students and their parents while choosing a course of study or career options at the university level.

The end of secondary school marks the beginning of a new adventure which is exciting and frightening at the same time. A multitude of career options can surely confuse anyone and the fear of choosing the wrong option can block one’s thought-process and reflection.

If any student wishes to change study discipline or career path, My Sherpa counsellors also help university students to think constructively and serenely about their academic and professional career paths.

What? One, two or three individual sessions of 1h30.

Where? At our office, Rue de Stalle 65, 1180 Uccle.

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