Transform a tough choice into something obvious!

Your first academic year did not go as you imagined and you want to change your direction? You just finished your bachelor and you are uncertain whether to continue studies or start a job? An assessment can be very useful to help you determine your direction !

Embarking on the university venture is an important step in a student’s journey of education. It can be rewarding for some and very disappointing for others. A rough start with plenty of doubts about career can result in a loss of one’s self-confidence and motivation. Therefore, it is highly important that a student must be well-prepared before stepping on to higher education.

Similar queries may also arise at the end of the bachelor’s degree when one must decide whether to choose further studies (master’s degree), additional training or enter in the workforce.

Asking a right question is one of the keys to success. My Sherpa offers a career assessment to help students reflect upon their goals in order to establish sound and realistic career paths. As soon as the student takes an informed decision, he is empowered to face the potential challenges he could encounter during his journey.

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